Thanks to FBU comrades from FPCGIL firefighters

22 Aprile 2020

To Fire Brigade Union General Secretary
Matt Wrack
to all FBU comrades

Dear Secretary,
Dear comrades,

on behalf of the our General Secretary of FPCGIL Serena Sorrentino we want to
thank you for the video in which you express your solidarity with Italian Firefighters
singing Bella Ciao, a very important song for us that is the symbol of the liberation
from Nazi Fascism, that we celebrate on 25th of April.
We were really moved by it and all our comrades too.
Solidarity is very important for people and for workers, we always need support
and above all in a difficult moment as the one we are all living now.
We send back our solidarity to all UK Firefighters, to all Firefighters in the world, to
all UK workers, to all workers in the world.
We know that the crisis is hitting hard also in your country and we wish we can all
overcome it.
Thank you so much
In solidarity

Rome, 22th of April 2020

Mauro Giulianella                                                          Nicoletta Grieco
FPCGIL Firefighters coordinator               Head of FPCGIL International Department

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